Our Services

Jai Krishna Packers and Movers is a 100% client-oriented professional firm that adheres to excellence in its service quality without compromise of any sorts. Our SERVICE CHARTER formally specifies the procedures and materials required to ensure customer satisfaction at both ends of your move.

Just relax and Take it Easy, no matter where in India, Jai Krishna Packers and Movers with its flexible and dedicated nation wide network of relocation professionals are ready to offer high and top quality service and customer satisfaction.

Our employees maintain an excellent COMMUNICATION link with you, know what kind of service you want and enable you to earn that service. SO, WE DO IT!!! Help us to earn your valued call and enable you to become another of our totally satisfied customer.

Jai Krishna Packers and Movers offer 2 kinds of segments……

  Domestic Household Moving

A fluent combination of expert packing, handling and moving is assured by our team of qualified professionals who ensure that you get the service, communication and results that you expect from a professional firm.

Just know that Jai Krishna possess one of the finest networks of moving professional teamwork anywhere in INDIA.

  Corporate / Office Relocations

Jai Krishna Packers and Movers know that Human Resources professionals have more than a handful on their hands and need a helping hand. We focus on establishing communication with you to facilitate a seamless relocation thanks to our single contact management and perfect coordinated work system.

Rest assured, it is done to eliminate downtime, minimise cost and mitigate employee stress. What’s more, it is hassle-free and flexible.

In your Satisfaction lies our Satisfaction….. Our service work approach runs as follows….

  Customised Proposal

Study based proposal with inspection of cargo, based on size of household and not fleet.

What’s more, it is customised and as per your requirement. It earns your satisfaction and brings us your gratitude.

A new era of relationship unfolds…..

  Transit Insurance
Living in an age where obstacles and dangers confront life, properties and movement in an uncertain manner, Rich quality Assistance in all risk transit insurance through nationalised insurance companies is assured to let you stay relaxed and composed.

  Packing and Handling

Your cargo is packed by experts in a co-ordinated professional manner that nullifies safety and breakage concerns.

Luggage Packing is offered in a range of choices that includes wooden cases, gunny bags, corrugated boxes or air-bubble plastic sheets.


Jai Krishna Packers and Movers possess a state-of-the-art Conventional warehouse storage just perfect for any kind of TRANSIT, be it storage in transit OR long term storage.

What’s more, our storage infrastructure offers clean and safe facilities. It’s pollution and environment-free that ensures your stored goods are 100% safe at all times.

  Business Moving

Jai Krishna Packers and Movers understand Business Relocations are extremely time sensitive and ensures that it is stuck to and implemented 100% effectively.

Our philosophy is to be a cost effective service provider, delivering quality service provider AND delivering quality through innovative solutions in tune with your quality taste every step of the way.